The Skinny

Attire: Business Casual

Cover: $10.00

Special: $15.00—Two Club Cover

Hours: 2 pm till 4 am

Special Hours: Fridays, Rick’s Cabaret
opens at 11:30 am for Friday Buffet
(in season)


Rick opened his first nightclub in 1983 on Bering Drive in Houston in a former funeral home. Corinthian columns and an expansive porte cochere to load mourners; Rick painted it his favorite Tuscan colors, pale red ochre with deep green shutters. He’d always liked night-life but had no experience running nightclubs so he hired a manager. The nightclub opened and Rick spent his evenings there watching the business. Soon fellow lawyers heard of his new obsession and came to see. Rick spent time behind the bar, at the door, in the dressing rooms and in the dj booth. He watched managers, customers, dancers and waitresses and within weeks developed his philosophy. Treat customers well, discourage dishonesty and bad behavior, make sure the women are treated with respect and create a clean, fun and safe environment.

He moved to New Orleans in the mid 90’s and found a location on Bourbon Street. A lot of people thought the street was named after the drink, but of course it was named after France’s royal family, but now the name had become a prediction. Rick has spent the past decade watching the street. The street is not only home to great hotels and wonderful restaurants but contains a greater concentration of nightlife than any other American thoroughfare. The party here is not only in the clubs but on the street itself because its one of the few places in America where you can have your cake and eat it too, as long as your cake is an alcoholic beverage. That’s right – you can walk and drink!

Most of the music clubs and bars on Bourbon are hole in the wall affairs – where the band may take up a quarter of the room but Rick’s is an 18,000 square foot three-story oasis from the mayhem of the street. Three floors, two of them public and decorated with eclectic good taste. An outrageously good sound system, sparkling show lights and stunning women.

While Rick believes in a well-balanced life when he wants to spend time around beautiful women this is where he’s happy.